Divorce Worcester

You and you alone will know your marriage, and if it is in difficult or comes to an end only you can make those heart wrenching decisions which may bring with them more heartache and pain in the early stages.  So many people are influenced by relatives or friends who try and persuade you into staying, often “for the sake of the children” or because they think they have your best interests at heart, know what is best for you and don’t want to see you suffer.  Rash decisions are often made at times of stress and influence – decisions that you often regret later, or decisions that will lead to anger and resentment if you stay for the wrong reasons.  Children are no fools – they pick up on anxiety and unhappiness within a family.  It is far better to have 2 parents who are separated with happy children moving freely between them, than parents at war or living in unhappy circumstances.

You will need to take time and expert advice as to all of your options; what will happen when you do leave or your partner leaves; what will happen if you stay or your partner stays; what are the financial consequences;   how will the children deal with the situation;

Whatever you decide, you need expert help and advice – it can be a short or long journey but here at Lowe’s we will support you all the way, offering expert advice, but you make the ultimate decisions that will affect your life.

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