Civil Partnership

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We have recently seen the first same-sex weddings taking place after same sex marriage became legal in England and Wales in March 2014 following the introduction of the New Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 was implemented.  This changes how you view the definition of marriage.

If you choose not to marry then your Partnership must be registered to  become a Civil Partnership otherwise you are only cohabiting (living together) which provides you with no guarantees or security for your future and you may have little or no protection if your relationship breaks down.  You can also convert your Civil Partnership into a Marriage

If you do however marry and the relationship breaks down then you will still have to deal with the effects of that breakdown; your home, your financial situation and how you will live apart.

These are specialist areas and you will need the best possible advice to help you deal with the breakdown and the decision making process and affect this will have upon you for the future.

Mediation can also help during this time and has now become compulsory prior to the issue of any court application and only in exceptional circumstances can you commence court proceedings without following the procedure and assessment of suitability for mediation being carried out first.

So for help and assistance in this new and complex area contact us at Lowe’s and we will help you through this difficult period.

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