Adopting a child can be the most wonderful experience, not just for you but for the child.  Giving a child a loving family home can bring so many rewards and this will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

It isn’t easy to change your world to welcome a child into your own family but with support and help from the many adoption agencies your journey can be so worthwhile.

At Lowe’s we can help with the legal process to ensure that everything progresses smoothly until that wonderful day when you attend Court and the Adoption is formalised.

We act for couples or single people who wish to adopt a child and we can advise you as to what the effects of adoption will be.  If the child is a family member you may also wish to consider applying for a “Special Guardianship Order”.

We also act for couples who are in a second relationship where they wish to adopt one party’s child and for natural parents served with adoption applications.

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